Rise up with Arise and sign up to support the women leading emergency response in their communities today. Will you join the movement?

Women are leading crisis response

Launched by ActionAid Australia on World Humanitarian Day 2017, Arise is the first global fund directly supporting women-led emergency preparedness and response with a long term, transformative agenda.

Despite being disproportionately impacted by disasters, women are the first to take action when they strike – often putting their own lives on the line to protect others. And yet women’s leadership still goes unrecognized and largely unresourced.



When women lead, the whole community benefits

We are calling on you to join the Arise movement to help ensure that the women leading crisis response are supported and that their rights are protected during an emergency. This support has a far-reaching impact, inspiring greater recognition of women’s leadership well beyond the time of crisis and we want you to play a major role in bringing it to life.

The Arise movement is about women standing behind women to lead. It’s a transformative initiative that shifts power to women, to the benefit of the whole community. Stand behind women like Wendy, Sabita, and Imelda by signing up to Arise and sharing their stories today.

Share a womanitarian story today!

Imelda Bama – Philippines

When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in 2013, it tore down thousands of homes, ripped trees from their roots, and threw cars up against buildings.

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Nadege Pierre - Haiti

When Hurricane Matthew swept across Haiti in 2016, nobody was free from danger. Nadege Pierre worked tirelessly to protect her community and defend the rights of women in the aftermath of the storm. This is her story.


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Shaymoli Basar - Bangladesh

In Dacope, like most other coastal areas of Bangladesh, disasters are a frighteningly common occurrence. Shaymoli Basar and other women leaders are preparing early so their communities are ready when the next storm hits.

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Norlyn P. Valiente - Philippines

When Typhoon Haiyan struck Bitoon village in the Philippines, it destroyed 95% of the homes and crops in Norlyn P. Valiente’s community.


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